Cranmore is price-competitive, whilst providing a superior value-added service. The geographical spread of offices only increases the price advantages. Cranmore can work on any basis – whether on an hourly rate, a fixed cost per assignment or a contingency fee. Whatever the basis, integrity is guaranteed.

We have provided our services to a truly international clientele that includes Lloyd’s Syndicates and companies from every major continent and every major insurance market and have conducted assignments throughout the world. The breadth and depth of our client base is demonstrative of the quality and cost-effectiveness of our service.

Our experience allows us to provide professional assistance to clients over all classes of business. For greater detail on the services we provide, please refer to the specific information for each service.

Inspection of Records

Inspections can take various forms but are generally either due diligence reviews or a full technical inspection.

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Claim Reviews/Claims Management

Claim Reviews/Claims Management can take various forms but are generally either due diligence reviews or a full technical inspection.

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Binder, TPA, MGA & Compliance Reviews

Cranmore has formed a division of specialist staff, Cranmore Delegated Services ("CDS"), to conduct.

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Peer and Quality Assurance Reviews

Cranmore can conduct peer reviews and/or QA reviews on behalf of clients in different areas of the administration.

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Subrogation Recoveries

Cranmore has a specialist Subrogation unit which specializes in reviewing claims and identifying opportunities.

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Litigation & Arbitration Support

By working alongside the major insurance and reinsurance legal firms in London, Bermuda, the U.S.A. and Australia.

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Commutation Services

Cranmore’s personnel are well versed in the techniques of preparing for and conducting.

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Collection Services

With Cranmore’s spread of offices, an efficient, cost-effective collection process can be provided.

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Bespoke Consultancy & Project Management

The skills and experience of the Cranmore team enables us to provide bespoke consultancy services to the.

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Run–Off and Portfolio Acquisitions

Cranmore has been able to facilitate a number of acquisitions of Companies or Portfolios in Run-Off throughout.

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Bespoke Training Services

Cranmore have the ability and experience of delivering training to personnel at various levels within an organisation.

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