James Pruitt

AVP Subrogation & TPA Management

James Pruitt has over 30 years’ experience in the Property & Casualty and Health Insurance industry. James has worked in multiple jurisdictions across the U.S, specializing in commercial and personal auto, general liability, commercial and personal property, and commercial and personal litigation, auditing claims, construction defect, and fidelity claims at all levels. In addition to handling and supervising claims, James conducted numerous training seminars across a broad range of topics vital to property casualty claim operations.

James has held several key leadership positions with several carriers as a TPA Manager, Claim Manager, Associate Director, Subrogation Manager (Auto, Property, and Worker Comp), Salvage Manager, Property Manager, Auto Physical Damage Manager, Litigation Manager, Operation Project Leader, Compliance Administrator, Method Analysis, and Claim System Champion. During James time at CNA Insurance Company, he initiated a task base recovery process to improve recovery cycle time which resulted in $17,575,000 Net Auto Recoveries and $29,500,000 Net Property Recoveries with 22.4 decrease in new referrals. Since arriving at Cranmore, James has made a significant contribution to the Subrogation and Recovery Team in the form of recoveries, process improvements, and partnerships with internal and external customers. In additional, James has conducted a number of audits both inside and outside of the company.    

Job Summary

Commenced work in health insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee as a Method Analyst before moving to Atlanta to start his career in the Property & Casualty industry at Progressive Insurance in claims. Following his time at Progressive, James worked for other carrier such as Reliance Insurance Company, CNA Insurance Company, and Nationwide Insurance Company in the Atlanta area. James was Senior Claim Specialist with Companion P&C prior to joining Cranmore in 2015. A licensed adjuster in several states. James has a Georgia Agent license and a Senior Claim Law Associate professional designation from The American Educational Institute. James has a bachelor’s degree in Management and Insurance from Morehouse College and Master of Science and Administration from Central Michigan University.