David Ellis

Head of Special Projects

David Ellis, BA (Hons) has over 25 years of experience in the field of insurance and reinsurance inspections, consultancy and litigation support. David has led inspections of all classes of business and all types of contracts in the USA, UK, Europe and Asia.

David has provided arbitration/litigation support to firms and Syndicates in the UK and the USA and has provided expert testimony in both jurisdictions, working with many of the industry’s well known legal firms. In recent years, he has been involved in a number of pre-acquisition due diligence reviews of portfolios/companies in respect of some high profile market transactions including acquisitions, portfolio transfers and RITCs.

In addition to audit and inspection work, David has also provided valuation work and has completed a large number of commutations for clients in a number of lines of business including very large value transactions.

Job Summary

After leaving university in 1993, David joined the consultancy firm Ward & Associates, where he mainly worked for foreign reinsurers on their London Market exposures. He remained there for six years before joining Compre in London, continuing to provide services to third party clients and the in-house run-off companies. This was the period when the full extent of some of the PA spiral exposures were becoming known to the carriers and David was involved in this work. In 2000, David joined Cranmore, initially working for third party clients on audits including in particular both PA & WC carve-out and inspections. In January 2010, David was appointed UK Managing Director, and in October 2014, he became Head of Special Projects, which covers Acquisition and complex assignments.